For more than 40 years DCCCA has been coordinating programs across the Midwest that provide behavioral health prevention and treatment services, recruit and train foster homes, support at risk children and youth, and traffic safety education and resources. DCCCA also cooperates with local, state, and national programs and associations to provide education, research, service, and resources when needed.

The programs within our agency would not be as successful as they are without the dedicated work of our employees. From therapists and residential technicians, case workers and community support specialists to the support crews who help to feed our clients and maintain our facilities, DCCCA is made up of amazing, dedicated employees. We believe that everyone who works here has a valuable voice that deserves to be heard and we are working together strategically, every day, to continue improving services to our clients and the work experience of our teams.

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Read the biographies of DCCCA's Staff

Kasha Himes
Childcare Coordinator, Women's Recovery Center

Karin Leimbach
PFS Coordinator, Prevention Services

Trenton Garber
Quality Systems Manager, Quality Improvement

Vicky Henson
Technician, Youth Residential Center

Amanda Horner
Traffic Safety Specialist, Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office

Ginger K. Hoffhines
Operations Assistant, Child Placing Agency