Lori Alvarado
Executive Director

One thing that sets DCCCA apart is that we are very creative. We have a lot of creative people working, a lot of people who come from a variety of backgrounds and they bring all of that together. As we begin to think about how to serve communities better, all of that flexibility and creativity and initiative all mix together and we usually come up with a pretty dynamite approach.

Kasha Himes
Childcare Coordinator, Women's Recovery Center

I count it a great privilege to work for DCCCA because I live for it. I believe in ‘Improving Lives,’ that is a short but powerful statement. I could not imagine working for any other company; I have not only witnessed DCCCA change the lives of so many families but it has played a major factor in where I am in my personal life of recovery.

DCCCA is a company on the move, we are growing and changing for the better every day. Administration really engages employees in this change and works with them to understand the intensity of feelings that accompany it. I love working with this ‘family,’ because that’s really the feeling we receive.

Karin Leimbach
PFS Coordinator, Prevention Services

I love working with DCCCA because it truly gives me the opportunity to improve the lives of the people I serve. It has been a wonderful experience to work with community members to prevent further substance use disorders from negatively affecting their county and youth. DCCCA is a team orientated agency that works across program areas to expand our reach so we can help more people in different cities, counties, and states.

Trenton Garber
Quality Systems Manager, Quality Improvement

DCCCA is not only dedicated to providing exceptional care to the individuals, families and communities we work with, but is also committed to continuing improving the services we deliver. Our focus on quality not only means we see a greater impact in the work we do but also that every day is about learning and improving. Working here, I get to grow professionally in a fun and supporting environment while also making a difference in the lives of others.

Vicky Henson
Technician, Youth Residential Center

I continue to be inspired to work with the kids at DCCCA when I see them making changes, or I see them excited by their accomplishments. When you have that one child that comes to you for a hug and says ‘Thank you for being here.’ That is my favorite thing, making a difference in the life of a child.

Amanda Horner
Traffic Safety Specialist, Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office

I love working at KTSRO because I am constantly being encouraged to think outside the box and try new things to better my job, myself and the safety of others. Many people don't think about the impact that safety education and resources have on the public, but every day people ride hundreds of miles in their cars in Kansas and I love being able to say I have a hand in making each of those people safer.

Ginger K. Hoffhines
Operations Assistant, Child Placing Agency

I enjoy the challenge of bringing together the excellence of client care that our CPA Specialists provide and the mechanics and meticulous detail involved in the business side of foster care. I continue to learn from others at DCCCA that so willingly share their knowledge and experience!!